NorthWest CampCon 2020



Cancellation of NWCampCon 2020

At this time when the news is dominated by the COVID-19 virus, we wanted to reach out and let you know the current status of NWCampCon 2020.

We have been actively planning for an awesome 2020 camp, and as things have progressed with the COVID-19 virus we have been closely monitoring the situation, taking the guidance of the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and the Washington State Department of Health. As always, we work closely with the USFS on our permitting process, and given the current situation, the USFS has suspended all non-commercial group use permits. The exact extent of this suspension is currently unknown.

At NWCampCon, our focus is to ensure we are doing our part to keep you, our attendees, and our communities safe. That is why we regret to inform you, that we will not be holding NWCampCon for our 2020 year. We understand that this is an unfortunate situation, and we would love to see each and every one of you, but the health of our attendees and communities is of greater importance.

Stay safe, stay healthy. We hope to see you in 2021.

What is it?

NorthWest CampCon is Washington’s first outdoor Furry convention located in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest on Lake Cle Elum, Washington. Unlike a typical convention, this event is held in nature; there are no buildings, no running water, and no sleeping accommodations. You are expected to be able to sustain and take care of your own accommodations for this trip. If you’ve never been camping before it would be a good time to find out what you will need to make this happen!

Please note this is a remote wilderness area with no cell signal, no running water and gravel/rock roads. The typical car is able to make it in without issue but if you plan to bring a RV please ensure it is off-pavement capable. Signs to the exact campsite location will be posted from the main road in.

Fursuits are welcome and encouraged!



In order to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time, there are some fairly basic rules we must remind everyone of. We ask that everyone abide by them so this event can continue in the future.

  • Obey all Federal, State and Local laws
  • We are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items
  • Respect other camper’s space and property
  • Respect the land we are using. This area free for us to use only if we take care of it!
  • Don’t harm nature – no cutting down vegetation
  • Dispose of your trash properly, you are responsible to pack out all of your own trash!
  • Firearms of any kind are prohibited

Pet Rules

We understand that many people have 4-legged friends that they wish to bring camping and we request that you please follow these simple rules. For safety of the campers and their property, we ask that no animal be left unattended and that owners clean up after their pets. If you plan to bring your pet, bring remember to bring these important items:

  • Kennel or other means of containing your pet
  • Leash & tie out
  • Pet food and water

Pets are expected to be leashed or tied out at all times. Due to the large amount of people and other pets, there are no exceptions. This is for the safety of all campers, property and other pets on the trip.


We regret to inform you, that we will not be holding NWCampCon for the 2020 year. Please see the announcements section for more details.


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